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Description of the SAPRC Mechanism Generation System for the Atmospheric Reactions of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Presence of NOx

Prepared for the California Air Resources Board
Contract No. 11-761

William P. L. Carter
Research Chemist Emeritus
College of Engineering, Center for Environmental Research and Technology
University of California, Riverside, CA, USA

Mailing Address: CE-CERT, University of California, Riverside, CA 92521
Phone: (951) 788-8425.  FAX: (951) 781-5790

This the SAPRC-18C version as of January 18, 2020

Go to the SAPRC-18 web site for information and files for the SAPRC-18 mechanism, which is the latest version of the updated SAPRC mechanisms. SAPRC-18 supercedes the previous version of this mechanism, which is available at the SAPRC-16 web site. The SAPRC mechanisms, and its underlying mechanism generation system, are still under development, and SAPRC-18 and this current mechanism generation system may not be the final version submitted for peer review. Contact William P. L. Carter if you want to be added to the email list for updates about SAPRC-16 and its peer review.

The user name is used to direct you to the "web reactor" you used previously. The system remembers the computer you are using to access the system and will default to that user name when you return using this computer, unless it is not unique for this user. You must give a nonblank user name that is easy to remember if you are new or want to access the system as a different user than the default, or if there is no default user because there is not a unique user for your domain. If you are new, you will be prompted for a password. If you are accessing the system using a new computer, you will be asked for that password before you can access the system as this user. Note that no special efforts were made to absolutely prevent the possibility of Bill Carter or other people seeing what reactants you create, so DO NOT ENTER CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION INTO THIS SYSTEM! The password does not have to be particularly secure, and it is important to use one that can remember because the system does not provide a means to recover or change your password unless you have the direct link to your web reactor.

To create a page you can bookmark or save to give you a direct link to your web reactor, do a "reload" on the main menu, and bookmark or save the URL that is returned. This will allow you to bypass the login screen as long as your user has not been deleted. If it is no longer valid, you will just be redirected to the login screen.

To use this system once you've logged on, either use the form to create a new reactant by giving its structure, or look for a reactant of interest in the list of available model species. Click the "help on create" link for information on how to specify a reactant by its structure. After you create a structure or chose one from the list of model species and you find it in the list of "currently selected reactants", clicking on it will give you a page where you can chose which reactions to generate. Clicking on web-linked radical will automatically generate its reactions, and clicking on any web-linked product will generate the menu for its reactions. Each page has a "reload main menu" link that you can use to get to the main menu if needed.

User access to this system is not completely documented or debugged at the present time. Your patience is appreciated. Please notify Bill Carter of any problems or tracebacks you may encounter, or if you see chemically unreasonable results.

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